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Comment is free?

Recently I have been having issues with a couple of people commenting on my blog. One has been posting stupid things that are completely irrelevant to the posts, the other has been aggressive and seemingly spoiling for a fight. I am tired of constantly deleting the first individual and trying to engage with the second. I have permanently deleted their comments and blocked them so hopefully there won’t be any more; if you see anything you think I need to look at please let me know via Twitter (@SamCandour).

I am not doing this because I want to stifle debate. On the contrary I enjoy a good discussion and am happy to concede if I am wrong, misinformed or there is something that I haven’t considered. What I am no longer prepared to do is respond to critical comments, only for the criticism to shift to another angle once the original has been dealt with and dismissed. This is unnecessary and uncivil and I have deleted these comments because frankly I can no longer be bothered to correct the individual concerned.

Some may think this heavy-handed but I have opted for doing it so that I don’t need to moderate every single comment before it appears on the blog. Most people who respond to my posts do so thoughtfully and courteously, even when they are arguing against me, and I don’t want to remove the trust I have that people will continue to comment in this way. So please continue adding your thoughts and comments, they make this blog.


Comments on: "Comment is free?" (6)

  1. Your blog, your decision!

  2. Good for you! The right response I think. Some people, tsk! 😉

    Just Pirouette and Carry On…

  3. There are some odd people on the Internet. Your blog, your rules.
    Women with strong opinions attract trolls, by deleting them, you stop feeding them.

  4. I do sorry you have to deal with this. And I think you are being more thoughtful than is called for in your response to such uncivil behaviour.

  5. You do what’s right for you. I’ve been spammed and trolled and its really horrible!

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