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I’ve written about my chronic back pain before; here, here and here.

So after 17 years I had my first meeting with a spinal surgeon this morning. It was a really good meeting, he was lovely and very sympathetic and quite optimistic that finally something can be done. First of all we’re going to try a new, still fairly experimental treatment of antibiotics for 3 months (it was in the news earlier this week, there’s a good article about it here). The surgeon was very excited about trying it (I think I’m his guinea pig!) as it’s supposes to be pretty effective for chronic back pain.

If the antibiotics don’t help then I will be given intravertebral steroid injections (doesn’t that sound fun?). If my levels of pain and mobility still aren’t improving then the surgeon wants to do a double discectomy and spinal fusion (which sound even less fun!). But for now we’ll try the antibiotics and see if there’s any improvement.

I’m feeling more optimistic about my prospects than I have done in years. It’s good to know that there are options I can try and that if one thing doesn’t work it’s not the end of my treatment, merely a step on the path to something else.

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  1. Hello,

    As someone who took the surgery step (microdiscectomy) in April 2012 and still wake every morning thanking God and the neurosurgical profession that I did so, I say good for you for taking the step you have done.

    The antibiotic course sounds incredibly exciting and I was so happy to read about that in the paper this week – I sincerely hope it works for you. I had two of the steroid injections and both times they gave me some relief – the first time pretty much total pain relief for the best part of a year, which was awesome. So this is an excellent second step as well. Fortunately they sedate you for them (I have to confess that bit was quite fun ha ha!) so it’s way less awful than it sounds.

    I wish you the best of luck. My most crippling acute pain phase was exactly two years ago and I still remember back to it and can’t entirely believe I made it through. But thanks to an incredibly sympathetic pain management and surgical team, I did – and it’s amazing. Good luck to you.

    • Thank you, it’s really good to hear from someone who’s been through it! I have to admit that I’m really squeamish about the idea of the injections and the thought of surgery turns my stomach, so I have my fingers firmly crossed thay the antibiotics will help.

  2. Oh wow, what wonderful news, so nice to have options!
    Must be amazing to have some positive news about your back, hope the drugs work well and you avoid the injections and surgery, but again, it’s nice there are options!

  3. Oh god I am keeping everything crossed for you that the drugs work.

  4. I really hope the antibiotics work!!! Any extra pain that can be avoided, is hopefully avoidable for you….

  5. I read about the antibiotic success recently, it was linked to me as a suggestion for my chronic pain. Apparently (and unfortunately for me) it’s been highly successful with people who’ve had ruptured discs (not the case for me). I really have my fingers crossed and look forward to hearing your progress. Any progress in chronic pain treatment is a serious reason to celebrate in my books; the idea of people overcoming this state makes me ridiculously happy. Good luck! Crossing all of my crossables for you. 🙂

    • Thank you very much! I’m simultaneously hopeful and sceptical but it’s worth a try. :-)Sorry it’s not an option for you though.

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