Motherhood, mental illness and beyond

Comments on: "Twittergate – what happened when the people in my phone went away" (2)

  1. markrobotarm said:

    If/when I go back on Twitter, I shall look you up. Had a bit of a melt-down at the weekend. Drank too much, got in an argument at home and, as far as I recall, did similarly on there. Haven’t been back since. Only a few days, but I struggle.
    In my mind, I’m making it worse than it probably is/was. Don’t really want to go and have my own stupidity revealed to me. Again. So, I’m staying away. For the moment. I think.
    Hope you’re alright, though. We’ve only been nattering a couple of weeks, but I like what you write.

    • I wondered where you’d gone! Sorry you’re having a tricky time atm, I hope you’re doing ok. You know where I am if you need a chat or a shoulder. 🙂

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